Youtube-dl vs DMCA

Just for records, youtube-dl received a DMCA request:
I don’t know what this implies, but it should be usefull to keep an eye on it as peertube use youtube-dl.

We should be pretty insulated from this catastrophy, since we use wrappers. More about that here:

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This could be a problem for packaging PeerTube in Debian. If anyone here intends to maintain youtube-dl, they should email the people who were working on packaging it and say so.

Though they may be packaging it in another way, this format might not work for PeerTube.

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As stated in my toot above, this won’t be a problem, as you don’t need youtube-dl be packached in Debian for PeerTube to work, nor will it prevent PeerTube from downloading the youtube-dl binary itself.

It’s great that PeerTube will run without youtube-dl. I could be misunderstanding here, but I think that Debian policy is that any software which downloads external binaries is restricted from the main repository, so if youtube-dl is not a Debian package, any version of PeerTube in Debian main could not be made to download it.

But this is probably moot, since it looks as if there are plenty of other node.js modules that still need Debian packaging before PeerTube will have its essential dependencies, and the situation could change a lot in the meantime.

I’m looking forward to PeerTube hitting vanilla Debian stable (which is very convenient for servers). I’m guessing PeerTube won’t make the Bullseye release, since that’s freezing in a few months, but I’ll hope for Bookworm ~2 years later. And maybe Mobilizon, Framadate, Framadrop or some others will make Bullseye.

Separately, It seems youtube-dl was taken down on the grounds that it circumvents a digital lock. In some countries it is legal to circumvent a digital lock for legal purposes (in the same way that breaking the lock to your own house, or hiring a locksmith to do it for you, is not a break-and-enter crime). Some PeerTube users seem to be using youtube-dl to download their own videos, for which they own the copyright, from YouTube and transfer them to PeerTube. This would be legal in many countries (and possibly in the EU, it seems). However, in other countries, such as the US, it might be illegal to even download youtube-dl. So it is good that PeerTube can run without it!

Exactly, and we have a case for PeerTube downloading youtube-dl itself actually: to be able to update it whenever a new version comes out, automatically. This reduces the chances of users reporting a malfunctioning import feature when the importer is actually out of date. So, support-wise, it’s an important feat.

I used to maintain a third-party package, but admittedly it’s been too much hassle packaging it for debian with all the bells and whistles, more so for a vanilla package. If you know of any other work in that direction, please share it :slight_smile:

It’s a pity, an increasing number of packages have an awkwardly large ramifying network of NPM dependencies. Do-one-thing-well is great, but dependencies are a pain… NPM also seems to be tightening its quality control and reliability. No doubt it’ll mostly eventually sorta get sorted out.

On work in that direction, apart from the specific links I posted above… Debian has a semi-automated tool for packaging NPM nodes. It seems that the Debian Social Team is running an instance of PeerTube and planning to run an instance of Mobilizon. The Debian Academy is using PeerTube.

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The Fediverse Team is interested in packaging PeerTube, as is the FreedomBox Team.

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These teams are on Salsa Git, they have email addresses/mailing lists, and they are on IRC:
#debian-fediverse, #freedombox, #debian-social, #debian-academy, all on The Freedombox Team additionally have fortnightly virtual meetups. I’m sure you’d be welcome.

The need for server software (including a PeerTube instance) to run 2020 Debian-related conferences seems to have intensified Debian’s existing interest. Possibly they could provide targeted support for getting Framasoft software into Debian expeditiously? A collaboration between someone who knows the software well and someone who knows Debian packaging well might be very helpful. Debian packaging might also be a good discrete goal to crowdfund.