Youtubers on peertube

Is there a list? Or a way for dual users to publish the connection?

Ideally what I’d like to be able to do is check the 98 subscriptions I’ve exported from Youtube to find if there are any peertubers in there.

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I’ve uploaded YouTube videos on PeerTube, but that problem is they’re not appearing on search results.


I haven’t read something about this kind of list to check the fact that a video creator is onshe both. The main issue is the countless Peertube servers that is or could be online. It is at the creator to share the information that it is on Peertube ‹ Web › too.

Peertubify does something like that on a per video basis. Haven’t found anything for channels yet.

If the creator put a link to their youtube page on their peertube channel description, you could theoretically find them by searching for the youtube channel’s ID on sepia search.

I guess the question is, what kind of data would be in one, that could be found in the other? It seems the channel name would have to be the same or some other identifier would be necessary.

@errhead I had a hard time finding known videos and channels on Sepia search. Is there a particular kind of query that that engine is tuned toward?

I haven’t actually used sepiasearch much. The API search has been working well for me.
With a channel link in the description like:
The YouTube UUID should show up in a search and would be straightforward, unfortunately the same channel might use the link:
which makes even that difficult, seems a tough problem to solve automagically.