Can somebody help me installing peertube? i really need your help :)

Hello I bought a server with Debian 10 installed, and now I’m trying to figure out how to install Peertube on it. i constantly run into errors so it would be very nice if someone could guide me through over a discord call

i tried to do the tutorial again but the data base just wont work it gives me an Error that says « bash: -u: command not found »

I really need help doing this. I would love to Help peertube grow but when I cant even install peer tube I don’t see how I can do that. it is really annoying since I write everything extalcy like the Peertube guide says I need but it still doesn’t work

At which step of the installation ?

Have you followed the dependencies guide ? This link is at the beginning of the installation documentation.

Perhaps did you copy/paste the $ at the beginning of each line? The $ must not be copied, it is here to symbolise the prompt.

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I stuck at the database step. sadly I can’t copy and paste since I use PuTTY to connect to the server I have already tried 3-5 times to install per tube repeatedly. I even try to make no Typos so I double-check each sentence like 2 times or something. so I thought maybe I just did something wrong so I watched a youtube video step by step and I still failed at this step. so I hope you or somebody else can guide me so I can maybe detect my mistake from the previous tries and finally start my own « Youtube »

I assume you are using Windows ? If I remember well, you can paste in Putty using the right click. (I did not use windows the last ten years, so I’m not 100% sure).

Which command? Can you paste here a screenshot of your console?

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wow, thanks! I always tried with strong c
ok, I just tried to recreate the error but the pasting resolved it I have a spelling disorder so it was probably my fault. but to be clear I really looked at each sentence twice. sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:

now I ran into another problem when I try to edit the production.yaml I can’t really type stuff. i can delete stuff by pressing D and then my left arrow key but that’s it is that normal? do I have to press a key to edit things?

Great if it works!

If you have a standard debian, your default editor is probably «vim-tiny». «vim-tiny» is a version of «vim» a really powerfull file editor. But difficult to use for beginners. And «vim-tiny» has some terrible features.
I recommand you to change the editor for something simpler.

Note: if you have open «vim-tiny» as I assume, you probably won’t find how to exit… (that actually became a meme: «how to exit vim». Dont panic, and just try typing :q!, it should exit (check the bottom line, to ensure you have not any other key typed before).

To change the editor, search the web, there are plenty results for «debian changing default editor». You can for example use «nano» or «emacs».

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Additional note: If you know how to use Vim, and want the «real» vim, just do:

apt install vim && apt remove vim-tiny 
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Thanks :slight_smile: i think with out you I wouldn’t know how to do anything ( in terms of Peertube and Linux )

ok sorry for bothering you again but I think this will be the last time. how can I do an @ inside the vim editor ( I just watched a video about vim and I got the basics )

sysadmin is a full time job, you can’t learn it in two days :slight_smile: .
Try to understand what you are doing at each step of the Peertube documentation.

Just type @ on your keyboard. But you have to be in «insert mode» (press «i» or «a», then escape to exit the insert mode).

I followed the tutorial but i messed up somewhere I will just start again tomorrow thanks for you help I came at least near the end now :sweat_smile:

I saw the message before editing. Its apt, not pkg. You missed this line in the documentation:

FreeBSD On FreeBSD you can use Dehydrated security/dehydrated for Let’s Encrypt

You don’t need dehydrated for debian.

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I just got done installing Peertube on Debian. Ran into some problems but got it working. You still need help?

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The peertube community (Thomas, JohnLivingston) are helpful.
In my first attempt to install peertube

I was sidetracked into using offline system for testing the install. And my online VPS does not have domain name. I got tired and gave up. Maybe it will work if I start with the correct system requirements, and only use production install.

In my second attempt to install peertube I was too stressed and burnt out, so I tried to get someone to do it for me. In

jrd10 recommended the operating system YunoHost. Has someone tried that, did it work? I did find someone from another source to try the install, he will start when he finishes some other projects.

I have not tried this yet, but I can contact some peertube instance websites and ask for help from there. Here is another idea. Put several people into a team. What would each person do?

Yes thatdutch and Breeck, help is needed. I would like to see the step-by-step code and procedure you used for installing Peertube on Debian.

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Yea actually. But I am on vacation right now with no PC :expressionless: can I contact you as soon I have time ?