CDN Configuration


I would like to know what lines to uncomment in the NGINX block below. Do I uncomment the first three and leave the default last two lines uncommented, as well. Or do I uncomment the first three and comment the last two?

Also, do I leave the « $cdn » part or remove it?

Thank you very much!

#set $cdn https://???;
#rewrite ^/static/webseed/(.)$ $cdn/videos/$1 redirect;
#rewrite ^/static/(.
)$ $cdn/$1 redirect;
rewrite ^/static/webseed/(.)$ /videos/$1 break;
rewrite ^/static/(.
)$ /$1 break;

hi @Dan,

You should uncomment the first three and comment the last two. You should leave the $cdn part, as it is substituting the value set in the first line.

Thank you!! It works. Awesome. :slight_smile:

Quick question: What does the « $1 » mean? Does it have something to do with the folder structure, because I don’t see a folder under the « /videos » folder with this name. Or is it something to do with NGINX?

Thanks again!

It’s all Nginx, part of its rewrite module:

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Thank you. :smiley:

Hello, I know this is an older post.
I have a new install of peertube in docker that is working well. I have connected it to a CDN, but the videos (not on s3 currently) are not being cached. How do I fix this? The mp4’s are still coming from the origin server.
Any help would be great. There is little documentation on this.