Peertube with Wasabi

Hi, I have three questions:

  1. Here is the configs I put in the production.yaml

enabled: true

  endpoint: '' # '' or '' for example       
  region: 'us-east-1'                                                                          
    # Set this ACL on each uploaded object of public/unlisted videos                           
    public: '' # public-read                                                                   
    # Set this ACL on each uploaded object of private/internal videos                          
    # PeerTube can proxify requests to private objects so your users can access them           
    private: '' # private                                                                      
    # If private files (private/internal video files) have a private ACL, users can't access d>
    # PeerTube can proxify requests between your object storage service and your users         
    # If you disable PeerTube proxy, ensure you use your own proxy that is able to access the >
    # Or you can also set a public ACL for private files in object storage if you don't want t>
    proxify_private_files: true                                                                
    # You can also use AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID env variable                                          
    access_key_id: 'Y2PF4K768tug3OGP5NS8FT'                                                      
    # You can also use AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY env variable                                      
    secret_access_key: 'DLoUmZzRyuighfkJU90FQ6otc3Tov7'                              
  # Maximum amount to upload in one request to object storage                                  
  max_upload_part: 100MB                                                                       

    bucket_name: ''                                                                  
    # Allows setting all buckets to the same value but with a different prefix                 
    prefix: 'tv/' # Example: 'streaming-playlists:'                                            
    # Base url for object URL generation, scheme and host will be replaced by this URL         
    # Useful when you want to use a CDN/external proxy                                         
    base_url: '' # Example: ''              
  # Same settings but for webtorrent videos                                                    
    bucket_name: ''                                                                  
    prefix: 'web/'                                                                             
    base_url: '' 

I believe the above configs are right. However, there is move-to-object-storage on my logs, but no move-to-object-storage jobs found.

I do have move-to-object-storage on my logs lists with info filter.

Then in the Jobs list it says, No move-to-object-storage jobs found.

  1. To Use Cloudflare with Wasabi, I follow this to add a CNAME record on Cloudflare,
    my peertube site will be like this:

then my site become this:

I believe this means that those credentials I put on the yaml file works. Because it shows the files name I uploaded on the Wasabi Bucket.

However, I cannot add another A record for this subdomain( to point to my IP. It says:

An A, AAAA, or CNAME record with that host already exists. For more details, refer to (Code: 81053)

  1. Do I need make changes in the NGINX config file (/etc/nginx/sites-available/peertube), I don’t see it is mentioned in docs.

I see this post mentioned the following config:

set $cdn;
rewrite ^/static/webseed/(.)$ $cdn/videos/$1 redirect;
rewrite ^/static/(.)$         $cdn/$1        redirect;
#rewrite ^/static/webseed/(.)$ /videos/$1 break;
#rewrite ^/static/(.)$         /$1        break;

Have you made any similar changes in your Nginx config file? I did this on my other site, but it still shows No move-to-object-storage jobs found.

It’s not a good expression to put the key on.

Do you mean secret access key? I have made a slight change, so it won’t work.

Thanks to a kind person on Yunohost forum. I was advised to restart peertube after change the configuration. Now it can connect with Wasabi. Issue sloved.