Decentral/federated/peer2peer search engine like YaCy?


Dear developers of Framasoft,

I noticed the great work of Framasoft because of PeerTube - thank you very much for this (almost) “proof of concept” YouTube alternative!

As home server admin supporting and providing decentral and FLOSS services (currently a Matrix messenger service and a Seafile data cloud service) I recently found - a real peer2peer search engine. YaCy seems to be already well developed but not maintained anymore. The website information is very outdated (Debian package installation does not work at all) and the activity on GitHub inidicates that the project is somehow “abandoned” and I was not able to set up a headless Debian server running a stable YaCy node.

My question: Does framasoft plan something like YaCy / a decentral search engine for the future?
I know searx as great FLOSS decentral meta-search engine which is a good alternative to Google&Co on short term but not on long term.

Best regards