Help with Installation Step


I would like to try PeerTube and I am stuck at one installation step in this guide [1]. I am exactly trying to accomplish the step [2]. There are few items I do not know how to fill.

I am trying to run PeerTube in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), in a Virtual Instance. I already have stuff going on there. I use GCP to host a few web apps using Apache mainly.

Now, I did install NGINX as required, and made it listen to port 81 (different from my Apache listening port). I installed PeerTube using the same folder structure in [1] i.e. in /var/www/peertube.

I do not know how to change the variables « port » in the entry « listen » and « webserver », and the variable « hostname » in the entry « webserver ».

  hostname: 'localhost'
  port: 9000

# Correspond to your reverse proxy server_name/listen configuration (i.e., your public PeerTube instance URL)
  https: true
  hostname: ''
  port: 443

My apps that use Apache are accessed using « example_com/apps/some_app ». I would like PeerTube to be accessed using « example_com/apps/mypeertube » [3].

How do I fill in the above to make this happen?


[2] Then edit the config/production.yaml file according to your webserver and database configuration (webserver , database , redis , smtp and sections in particular). Keys defined in config/production.yaml will override keys defined in config/default.yaml .
[3] I am using « example_com » instead of « example dot com » because this editor is making them into URLs and apparently I am too new to post URLs.

You can’t. Peertube has to be on his own domain or subdomain (as I said for example here: Same hostname for two different instance? )

You can’t easily have Apache and Nginx running on the same public IP. For https to work correctly, both have to listen on the 443 port.

There are workarounds. The simplier is to use 2 different public IP for Apache and Nginx.

Here I gave some leads to another workaround, but it is not simple: Listen tcp4 bind: address already in use - #6 par JohnLivingston