[How to] Help to translate JoinMobilizon.org

Note : we want to try and test this forum Wiki Post feature as a translation tool, for the joinmobilizon.org website. We are experimenting and discovering as we go, along with you :wink:

“Where do I go?”

  • Go to the topic of your native language. E.g.: if you want to translate to italian, go to the[joinmobilizon.org] it-IT Italiano topic
  • If the topic of your language doesn’t exists, please ask for it in reply to this post, and we’ll prepare it.
  • Our pages have been originaly built in French, but the default language for translations will be English
  • On your target language topic, look at the first few posts: they contain the code (in .yml) of pages of the joinmobilizon.org website
  • The pages F.A.Q., News and Medias Area will be the more likely to get new content to translate: check them first !

Table of contents

“How do I edit a wiki-post?”

  • Only one person at a time can edit a post
  • Go to the post featuring the page you want to translate
  • On the bottom-right corner, click on the edit button, e.g.:
    exemple of a wiki post

“How do I translate?”

  • Translate the sentences (the red parts of the code), under the ``` yaml part
  • Never use a ' , it would break the code: use instead
  • If a text is between', please leave those characters, they are part of the code
  • Don’t leave any choice: write yours
  • If it’s already translated, don’t change it unless you’re sure yours is better

When I’m done

  • Click on save edit
  • Go down the topic to bookmark it for future modifications
  • Reply to the translation topic if you want to discuss or ask anything
  • If the translation is complete, mention us, we’ll integrate it to the website

ping @dErrata : here is the tool we were thinking about!

Thanks. I’ll have a look.

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Hello @Pouhiou !
Could you please create [joinmobilizon.org] ru-RU Russian topic.
I will try to complete the Russian translation as soon as possible, to open the fundraising campaign to a new audience.

Would like to help out and translate to Swedish. How to go about?

Hi, I’d like to get in touch with anybody managing weblate.framasoft.org, about how to interact between translators.
I wonder whether @Pouhiou can help me, for example.

I’m afraid I can’t, as I don’t know weblate at all. But I’ve asked around for help!

Hey :slight_smile:
I take the mobilizon splash page mobilizon.org as example for a tiny project you can open by yourself with little efforts. I assume you have an account on weblate.framasoft.org.
Just go to here: https://weblate.framasoft.org/projects/mobilizon-org/main/ , log in, and start a new translation with the button « start new translation ». Swedish is there. :smiley:
All the best,

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Please create a topic [joinmobilizon.org] gd Gàidhlig for me and give me edit permissions.

I could also take a look at translating the remaining French bits into English.

ETA: I have found the files in the git repo and will translate with an offline tool that has a YAML filter. Will be much, much easier for me than manually fiddling with wiki pages, and I’ll just watch this topic for updates. Will that work for you?

ETA: I have now found https://weblate.framasoft.org/projects/joinmobilizon/ I recommend editing the first post in this topic so people will find & use it.