[How to] Help to translate JoinMobilizon.org

Note : we want to try and test this forum Wiki Post feature as a translation tool, for the joinmobilizon.org website. We are experimenting and discovering as we go, along with you :wink:

“Where do I go?”

  • Go to the topic of your native language. E.g.: if you want to translate to italian, go to the[joinmobilizon.org] it-IT Italiano topic
  • If the topic of your language doesn’t exists, please ask for it in reply to this post, and we’ll prepare it.
  • Our pages have been originaly built in French, but the default language for translations will be English
  • On your target language topic, look at the first few posts: they contain the code (in .yml) of pages of the joinmobilizon.org website
  • The pages F.A.Q., News and Medias Area will be the more likely to get new content to translate: check them first !

Table of contents

“How do I edit a wiki-post?”

  • Only one person at a time can edit a post
  • Go to the post featuring the page you want to translate
  • On the bottom-right corner, click on the edit button, e.g.:
    exemple of a wiki post

“How do I translate?”

  • Translate the sentences (the red parts of the code), under the ``` yaml part
  • Never use a ' , it would break the code: use instead
  • If a text is between', please leave those characters, they are part of the code
  • Don’t leave any choice: write yours
  • If it’s already translated, don’t change it unless you’re sure yours is better

When I’m done

  • Click on save edit
  • Go down the topic to bookmark it for future modifications
  • Reply to the translation topic if you want to discuss or ask anything
  • If the translation is complete, mention us, we’ll integrate it to the website

ping @dErrata : here is the tool we were thinking about!

Thanks. I’ll have a look.

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Hello @Pouhiou !
Could you please create [joinmobilizon.org] ru-RU Russian topic.
I will try to complete the Russian translation as soon as possible, to open the fundraising campaign to a new audience.