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Home and Hall of Fame pages, donation form

  title: '@:home.title! #JoinMobilizon'
  description: '@:home.intro.title'
  faq: F.A.Q.
  help: Help
  docs: Documentation
  code: Source code
  instances: Instances
  hall-of-fame: Hall of fame
  news: News
  medias: Medias area
  forumPT: https://framacolibri.org/c/qualite/mobilizon
  title: Let’s retake control of our events
  subtitle: Together, we go further
    - Gather
    - Organize
    - Mobilize
    title: A user-friendly, emancipatory and ethical tool for gathering, organising,
      and mobilising.
    support: Support us
    title: A free and federated tool to get our events off Facebook!
    text1: Mobilizon is a tool designed to create platforms for <b>managing communities
      and events</b>. Its purpose is to help as many people as possible emancipate
      themselves from Facebook groups and events, Meetup, etc.
    text2: Since the Mobilizon software is distributed under a Free license, anyone
      can host a Mobilizon server, called an <b>instance</b>. These instances can
      form a federation, so that a person with an account on <i>ExampleMeet</i> can
      register for an event posted on <i>SpecimenEvent</i>.
    - From a birthday party with friends and family to a march for climate change,
      right now, our gatherings are trapped inside the tech giants’ platforms. How
      can we organize, how can we click “Attend,” without providing private data to
      Facebook or locking ourselves up inside MeetUp?
    - 'Framasoft wants to create <b>Mobilizon</b>: free/libre software that will allow
      communities to create their own spaces to publish events, in order to better
      emancipate themselves from tech giants. We want to develop a <b>digital common</b>,
      that everyone can make their own, which <b>respects privacy and activism</b>
      by design.'
    - We asked professional designers to help us develop our vision for Mobilizon.
      We took time to study the digital habits of activists in order to understand
      the features they need to gather, organize, and mobilize.
    - We want to make Mobilizon a user-friendly, emancipatory and ethical tool. Whether
      you want to create an event in one of the Mobilizon instances or to set up your
      own Mobilizon site… the features of this tool will depend on the means you give
      us to develop it.
    - Layout of an event page – G. Dorne and M.-C. Paccard
    - Layout of a group page – G. Dorne and M.-C. Paccard
    title: A beta version in the fall of 2019
    intro: 'This fundraising will determine the resources we can count on to work
      on the software, in order to release a beta version in the fall of 2019</b>.
      We have 60 days to let people know about this fundraising and find out what
      you want to see in Mobilizon. Here are the (cumulative) milestones that your
      money can help fund:'
      title: Milestone 1
      subtitle: Free & Basic
      - Event-publishing tool
      - UX studies
      - Graphic design
      - Free & documented code
      - This amount will cover our prototype expenses and help us complete it.
      - It will compensate us for the money we fronted to design and promote the software,
        to develop its basic functionality and to pay the UX and UI designers who
        facilitated its conception.
      - The code will be returned to the community so that anyone can take over and
        maintain it.
      title: Milestone 2
      subtitle: Emancipating & Federated
      - Federation and links
      - Administration tools
      - Test/demo instance
      - ActivityPub integration
      - 'This will give us the means to implement a protocol that is essential to
        Mobilizon’s success: the ActivityPub federation. Thanks to the federation,
        any community will be able not only to install Mobilizon on its own servers,
        but also to connect and synch with others.'
      - This will help the number of entry points to grow and multiply, decentralise
        the data, and  connect to a fediverse that already includes Mastodon (a federated
        alternative to Twitter) and PeerTube (a federated alternative to YouTube).
      - We will also open a demo instance of this beta version, so that everyone can
        go and see for themselves what the software will feel like.
      title: Milestone 3
      subtitle: Ideal & Friendly
      - Group management
      - Messaging
      - Multiple identities
      - Managing external tools
      - You will give us the means to make the Mobilizon of our dreams come true!
      - Users will be able to create and manage groups in Mobilizon, with messaging
        tools to facilitate exchange between members. Mobilizon will also be able
        to display, organize and manage the external tools that you already use to
        create documents together, set the next meeting date, etc.
      - Lastly, each account holder will be able to create several identities, in
        order, for example, to display a different identity for sporting events, family
        reunions and activism marches.
      title: and beyond…?
      subtitle: Durable & Resilient
      - Funding beyond V1
      - Advanced mapping
      - Improved interface
      - Mobile application
      - 'We did the math: with €50,000, we will have the means to make the best software
        we can. If we receive more money, we won’t do more, or faster, but we can
        go further.'
      - In the fall of 2019, we will release a beta version. From the feedback and
        comments we will then receive, we will work on a complete first release, a
        V1 which we expect to be ready in the first half of 2020.
      - But there’s a lot of work to do until we get there! For example, we would
        like to set up a mapping server to facilitate the localisation of events,
        create a Mobilizon app for smartphones, and much more…
    understand: Learn more about those milestones
    title: Where is your money going?
    if: If we get
    - We are running this fundraiser on a self-hosted website in order to reduce bank
      and crowdfunding fees. Our goal is to promote a new model of funding for digital
      commons, based on <a href="https://joinpeertube.org/en/news">our experience
      with PeerTube</a>.
    - Sensitive to the issues caused by the centralisation of event management on
      Facebook, we used our own funds to design and prototype an alternative tool,
      Mobilizon. Now, we want to know what you think of this project. The more you
      give, the more we can dedicate ourselves to the development and maintenance
      of Mobilizon.
    - Payment fees
    - Design and prototyping
    - Development
    - Project coordination
    - Communication
    - We’ve already paid for the prototyping and design of Mobilizon, by hiring designers
      and writing the baseline code. Reaching this first milestone will reimburse
      the sums we paid upfront and allow us to finalise the code so we can deliver
      it to the community.
    - Most of the sums collected at the 2<sup>nd</sup> milestone will fund the integration
      of the ActivityPub federation protocol, as well as the development of administration
      tools for future hosters of instances.
    - 'The 3<sup>rd</sup> milestone will give us the means to design and develop features
      that Facebook and the like have no interest in giving their users: group self-management,
      messaging, multiple identities, and external tool management.'
    title: Mobilizon is supported by Framasoft, a French not-for-profit.
    - '@:data.html.soft (that’s us!) is a non-profit association created in 2004,
      which now focuses on <b>popular education</b> on the stakes of our digital world.
      Our small organisation (fewer than 40 members, fewer than 10 employees) is known
      to have carried out the project <a href="@:data.link.dio">Degooglise the Internet</a>,
      which proposes 34 ethical and alternative online tools.'
    - Since 2017, we have been developing <a href="https://joinpeertube.org/">PeerTube</a>,
      a free and federated alternative to YouTube. Thanks to your donations from a
      previous crowdfunding campaign, PeerTube now enjoys growing success. Bolstered
      by this experience, we imagined the Mobilizon project.
    - Recognised for its service of public interest, our organisation is more than
      90% funded through <b>donations</b>, mainly from our French supporters. Today,
      we need your generosity to help us make Mobilizon a reality throughout the world.
    title: About the team
    more: More about @:data.color.soft
      title: Guest Designers
      intro: We asked two designers to work with us on this project, so that Mobilizon
        would, right from its conception, fit the needs and uses of the people who
        are going to use it.
        desc: “Independent designer, UX researcher who seeks to thoroughly understand
          usability and design user-friendly, ethical and inclusive tools.”
        desc: “Independent designer and founder of Design & Human.”
    goal: raised on the way to
    donators: contributors
    days: days
    hours: hours
    deadline: to go
    step-on: (milestone {step} of {max})
    share: Share and follow
    news: Stay up-to-date with Mobilizon
    news-alt: Newsletter
    who: Project leader
    asso: The not-for-profit @:data.html.soft
    where: Lyon, France
    when-from: Running from
    when-to: to
    more: more info
    anonymous: Anonymous
      title: My contribution
        title: €1 and more
        subtitle: <small>equivalent to </small> a hug to the team!
        p: 'You show us your trust and support, and you contribute to the birth of
          Mobilizon: THANK YOU!'
        title: €25 and more
        subtitle: <small>equivalent to</small> 15 minutes of conversation
        p: Meetings, phone calls and interviews… Sometimes, creating user-friendly
          software requires more spit than sweat!
        title: €42 and more
        subtitle: <small>equivalent to</small> one hour of programming
        p: Accounting for payroll expenses, offices, equipment… this is the price
          of code written in humane conditions.
        title: €88 and more
        subtitle: <small>equivalent to</small> a brainstorm
        p: Getting together around a whiteboard… that’s how the most beautiful ideas
          are born!
        title: €130 and more
        subtitle: <small>equivalent to</small> one UX interview
        p: If you want to design software made for others, you need to ask them about
          their needs.
      donators: Contributors
      free: Choose your own amount
      title: Sponsors’ corner
      intro: For organisations that want to display their support to the project,
        for the entire lifespan of V1, subject to acceptance by the association.
        title: €1000 and more
        p: Your logo will be highlighted in the joinmobilizon.org hall of fame.
        title: €2500 and more
        p: Your logo will also be shown, by default, in the “About” page of the software.
    text: We won’t change the world from Facebook. The tool we dream of, surveillance
      capitalism corporations won’t develop it, as they couldn’t profit from it. <br>
      This is an opportunity to build something better, by taking another approach.
      text: Read Framasoft’s statement of intent on the Framablog
      link: https://framablog.org/2019/05/14/mobilizon-lets-finance-a-software-to-free-our-events-from-facebook/
          icon: group
          title: Convivial and practical
          text: Mobilizon doesn’t try to lock you inside its platform to manage your
            community nor to direct your ways.<br> On the countrary, its goal is to
            help you integrate the collaborative tools of your choice, and to let
            you be free to organize your community and gatherings your own way.
          icon: address-card
          title: Emancipating and respectful
          text: Mobilizon gives you the ability to engage without revealing yourself,
            to organize without exposing yourself. For instance, with just one account,
            you will get several identities, used as social masks.
          icon: smile-o
          title: Ethical and decentralised
          text: The Free licence of Mobilizon software is a guarantee of its transparency,
            its contributive aspect and the openness of its governance. Having several
            Mobilizon instances will let you choose where you want to create your
            account, so you can decide to whom you will entrust your data.
    title: And next… our roadmap
    image-alt: Illustration of Mobilizon in Contributopia
        date: October 2018
        text: Announcement of Framasoft’s intentions for Mobilizon
        date: End 2018 - Beginning 2019
        text: UX studies, usage-centred design and prototyping
        date: May 2019
        text: <strong>Crowdfunding to determine the means we have to develop Mobilizon</strong>
        date: Fall 2019
        text: Release of the beta version based on the funding secured
        date: End of 2019
        text: Improvements based on the first uses in beta
        date: 1st half of 2020
        text: Release of V1…?
    title: We want to co-create Mobilizon with you to make it the tool we all dream
    text: Want to get involved in this project, but you don’t know where to begin?
        title: Support Framasoft
        text: Support Framasoft financially, who has invested in this project
        link: https://soutenir.framasoft.org/
        icon: euro
        title: Talk about Mobilizon to your loved ones
        text: If you know people who may be interested in the Mobilizon project, tell
          them about it!
        icon: share
        title: Share your feedback
        text: Are you happy with Mobilizon? Tell us about it!
        link: https://framacolibri.org/c/mobilizon
        icon: how to do it
        title: Join the discussion
        text: Help us shape the future of Mobilizon
        link: https://framacolibri.org/c/mobilizon
        icon: how to do it
        title: Translate Mobilizon
        text: Do you speak a different language? Help translate Mobilizon’s interface.
        icon: language
        title: Request a feature
        text: Are you missing something? Describe the feature you’re dreaming of and
          engage in the conversation
        link: https://framacolibri.org/c/mobilizon/feature
        icon: question
        title: Install Mobilizon
        text: Take your place in the federation and let’s exchange!
        link: https://framagit.org/framasoft/mobilizon/wikis/install
        icon: server
    utopia: Let’s give people the tools to make the world of their dreams a reality.
    title: Contribute
    oneshot: One-time donation
    oneshot_ex: 'e.g.: 42'
    other: Amount
    newsletter: I want to be informed of Mobilizon’s progress
    anonymous: I want my donation to remain anonymous
    defisc: I would like to receive a tax receipt
    intro: Please complete this information so we can prepare your receipt
    private: Privacy
    type: I represent
    part: an individual
    corp: a company
    corp_tip: Company, association, community…
    society: Legal entity
    society_ex: e.g. Free Software Foundation
    society_email_ex: e.g. contact@fsf.org
    nickname: Nickname
    nickname_ex: e.g. rms
    lastname: Last name
    lastname_ex: e.g. Stallman
    firstname: First name
    firstname_ex: e.g. Richard
    email: E-mail
    email_ex: e.g. r.stallman@outlock.com
    address1: Address
    address1_ex: e.g. 12, Freedom Street
    address2: Address line 2
    address2_ex: e.g. Building VI
    zip: Postal/Zip code
    zip_ex: e.g. 69007
    city: City
    city_ex: e.g. Lyon
    country: Country
    error_empty: This field must be filled in.
    error_email: You must enter a valid e-mail address.
    title: Payment method
    defisc_text: In France, thanks to the {percent} tax deduction, <b>your donation
      of {amount}</b> will cost you {defisc}.
    cb: Credit card
    pp: Paypal
    i_give: Give
    now: now
  title: Contact us!
  source: Source
    link: https://framacolibri.org/c/mobilizon/
  credits: '© <a href="https://framasoft.org/en/">Framasoft</a> 2018 <a href="https://framagit.org/framasoft/joinmobilizon/joinmobilizon">AGPL-3.0</a>
    | '
  photo: ' <a href="https://pixabay.com/fr/action-collaborer-collaboration-2277292/">Picture</a>
    by rawpixel on Pixabay | '
  picture: ' Illustrations by <a href="https://twitter.com/ninalimpi">Katerina Limpitsouni</a>
    for <a href="https://undraw.co/">Undraw</a> and <a href="https://davidrevoy.com">David
    Revoy</a> for <a href="https://contributopia.org/">Contributopia</a>.'
  title: Thank you very much for your donation to the Mobilizon project!
  continue: Thanks to you, Framasoft’s teams will be able to continue and expand the
    work already started on this software.
  refresh: If your donation is not anonymous, you should see your name appear in the
    Hall of Fame page within the next 10 minutes (please refresh to check).
  success: 'The success of this crowdfunding depends only on you: we have until July
    10 to find out, together, how much this project resonates with people and what
    resources can be allocated to develop it.'
  comment: Feel free to share your gesture on your favourite social networks and to
    talk about Mobilizon around you…
  share: Join me and support Mobilizon, a free and federated tool to get our events
    off Facebook!
  shareOn: Share on
  shareTitle: Let’s support Mobilizon
  title: Hall of Fame
  sponsors: Sponsors
  donators: Donators
  dev: Contributors
  contrib: Contribute to the code

F.A.Q. page

  title: Learn more about Mobilizon…
  clic: (click each question to reveal the answer)
    title: Presentation of Mobilizon
      q: What is Mobilizon?
        - It’s software that, once installed on a server, will create a website where
          people can create events, similar to Facebook events or MeetUp.
        - Installing Mobilizon will allow communities to free themselves from the
          services of tech giants by creating their own event platform. This installation
          (called “instance“) can easily interconnect with others like it, thanks
          to <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActivityPub">a decentralised federation
        - Although it can be used to organize a simple birthday party or a karate
          competition, Mobilizon will be developed to meet the needs of activists,
          who require specific tools to organize themselves in an autonomous and sustainable
      q: Mobilizon will not replace Facebook
        - By design, Mobilizon is not meant to be a “Facebook killer.”
        - We can see the danger of publishing an activism rally on Facebook, a monopolistic
          platform that <a href="https://dayssincelastfacebookscandal.com/">multiplies
          scandals</a> about privacy and the manipulation of public opinion. But compared
          to this tech giant, our means are modest.
        - 'Our ambition goes accordingly: let’s start with a tool that does little
          but does it well, and that will make a solid foundation for building more.
          Let’s focus first on the specific needs of a particular audience (activists),
          which won’t prevent Mobilizon from being useful in other cases. Then, in
          the long run, we can adapt it further to the needs of other audiences.'
        - Making Mobilizon is therefore not a sprint, where we promise everything
          at once to everyone. It’s more of a cross-country race, where the first
          step is to develop a tool that empowers anyone to create events without
          a fuss.
      q: Will Mobilizon allow me to…?
        - 'Make recurring events? Share my events on Twitter? Send private messages?
          Our ideas and wishes for Mobilizon are as numerous as our supporters… There
          is but one answer:'
        - It depends! :)
        - The list of features for V1 will depend on the amount of money raised.
        - And what happens after V1 will depend on the Mobilizon community.
        - Though this campaign's success is more dependent on you than on us, we can
          promise that we will keep you informed of Mobilizon’s progress at each new
          stage, on <a href="@:data.baseurl@:lang/news">the news page here</a> and
          in our dedicated newsletter.
      q: What are the 3 benefits of using Mobilizon?
        - '<b>Free</b>: Mobilizon’s licence guarantees respect of the fundamental
          freedoms of the people who will use it. Since <a href="https://framagit.org/framasoft/mobilizon/">its
          source code is public</a>, anyone can audit it, which guarantees its transparency.
          If the direction given by the development team does not suit you, you have
          the legal right to create your own version of the software, with your own
          governance choices.'
        - '<b>Ethical</b>: Mobilizon is developed on a non-profit basis, so there
          will be no profiling nor attention-grabbing mechanism. On the contrary,
          it is designed to give maximum power to the people who use it.'
        - '<b>Human</b>: Mobilizon is not developed by a secretive start-up, but by
          a group of friends who strive to <a href="https://framasoft.org">change
          the world, one byte at a time</a>. So while we do work slower, we remain
          attentive and in touch with our users. Moreover, Mobilizon was designed
          by asking activists how they use digital tools.'
      q: Why is a federated tool better?
        - 'Let’s imagine that my university creates its instance <em>MobilizeCollege</em>
          on the one hand, and my climate defence movement creates its instance <em>EcoMobilized</em>
          on the other hand: do I need to create an account on each site, just to
          keep up with the events?'
        - 'No: in our opinion, this would be a major obstacle to use. That’s why we
          want Mobilizon to be federated: each instance (each event publication website)
          powered by Mobilizon will be able to choose to exchange with other instances,
          to display more events than the ones it hosts, and to promote interaction.'
        - The federation protocol, which uses the most widespread standard (<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActivityPub">ActivityPub</a>),
          will also allow, in the long run, to build bridges with <a href="https://joinmastodon.org">Mastodon</a>
          (the free and federated alternative to Twitter), <a href="https://joinpeertube.org">PeerTube</a>
          (the free and federated alternative to YouTube), and many other alternative
      q: How do I install Mobilizon on a server?
        - 'For now, you can’t: the code is still under development and there are no
          installation guidelines yet.'
        - You will need to wait for the release of the beta version (fall 2019) and
          version 1 (first half of 2020) to see installation facilitated by complete
          documentation, and even packaging.
        - However, if you want to keep an eye on our work in progress, <a href="https://framagit.org/framasoft/mobilizon">the
          source code is here</a>.
      q: How can I contribute code to Mobilizon?
        - First of all, you will need knowledge of Git and Elixir. If you are not
          familiar with them, the project is not in a position to receive your contributions
          for the time being.
        - If you do, simply go to <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="https://framagit.org/framasoft/mobilizon/">the
          software repository</a> and send in an issue, or fork the code to start
          submitting your own contributions.
        - Of course, it’s always better to come and talk with our developers beforehand,
          by using <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="https://riot.im/app/#/room/#Mobilizon:matrix.org">our
          Matrix</a> room.
      q: How can I contribute to Mobilizon if I’m not a programmer?
        - The easiest way is to come and talk to us, in <a target="_blank" rel="noopener
          noreferrer" href="https://framacolibri.org/c/mobilizon">the Mobilizon area</a>
          of our contributions forum.
        - 'Remember that we are not a multinational tech giant, nor even a large start-up,
          but a mere not-for profit with fewer than 40 members (which also manages
          other projects in parallel): don’t be offended if we need time to get back
          to you!'
        - You probably have some great ideas to add to the project, and we thank you
          for taking the time to share them. However, we know that we can deliver
          what we promised for the beta version and V1, but we also know that we cannot
          add to our already ambitious schedule.
        - Thus, you should expect that your wishes and proposals will not be implemented
          until after version 1, which we (Framasoft) hope to be able to bring to
          completion (but that will depend on the success of this crowdfunding campaign!).
      q: How much will it cost me to use Mobilizon?
        - The aim of crowdfunding the creation of this software is that a large number
          of organisations can then make it available for free, as is done for most
          <a href="https://joinmastodon.org">Mastodon</a> (the free and federated
          alternative to Twitter) and <a href="https://joinpeertube.org">PeerTube</a>
          (the free and federated alternative to YouTube) instances.
        - What is certain is that the Mobilizon software will be distributed free
          of charge and that no one will have to pay us anything to install it on
          their servers (and we will even try to make your lives easier!).
        - Our hope is that the enthusiasm around this service gives us the means to
          open our own instance, public and free of use, perhaps when V1 is released…
      q: When can I use Mobilizon?
        - As of today, the code is still under development, and cannot be simply and
          conveniently installed and used.
        - 'In the fall of 2019, we plan to release a beta version, whose features
          will depend on the amount collected during crowdfunding. This version, which
          is equivalent to a first draft, will allow unstable use: the documentation
          will be in the process of being published, and there will likely still be
          improvements to be made.'
        - Note that if we reach the 2<sup>nd</sup>level, we will open a demonstration
          instance to the public, where everyone can click around and experiment,
          but where data will be deleted on a regular basis.
        - It is only in the first half of 2020, when version 1 is released, that Mobilizon
          will be easily usable by everyone.
    title: Crowdfunding questions
      q: Why not use a platform like GoFundMe or Kickstarter?
        - Framasoft is an <i lang="fr">association</i> domiciled in France, which
          means we can’t use many platforms that require a tax domicile in North America.
          In addition, the French platforms (which <a href="https://fr.ulule.com/etherpad-framapad/">we
          have already used</a>, on <a href="https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/peertube-a-free-and-federated-video-platform">multiple
          occasions</a>) do not offer a tool that exactly complies with the crowdfunding
          model we wanted to use this time.
        - So we decided to save on the 5% commission that these intermediaries earn
          on average, and to create our own fundraising website. We already had the
          banking and accounting tools to collect donations, so we just needed to
          create the web interface.
        - The advantage of having a homemade tool is that your data does not pass
          through yet another intermediary. As with all the <a href="https://degooglisons-internet.org">ethical
          services</a> we have been offering for years, <a href="https://framasoft.org/fr/cgu/">we’re
          not after your data</a>, because we sincerely value your privacy.
      q: How do I know if I can trust you?
        - This is a question that must be asked, because everyone has their own levels
          of trust, which depend on several factors. We can tell you a bit about us,
          but it will be up to you to make the call.
        - 'Framasoft is a not-for-profit association (under the French 1901 Act):
          our aim is not to make money, just to earn the means to pursue our actions
          and achieve financial balance. So we have no interest in exploiting your
          data, profiling you, etc.'
        - 'Framasoft’s business model is generosity: we are funded through individuals’
          donations and have been for years. Our accounts are audited by an independent
          auditor, whose <a href="https://framasoft.org/fr/association/">reports are
          published here (in French)</a> (the 2018 report is currently being processed).'
        - Our actions are known and recognised throughout the French-speaking free
          software community. From our <a href="https://framalibre.org ">free resources
          directory</a> to our <a href="https://framabook.org ">free licenced book
          publishing house</a>, to the <a href="https://degooglison-internet.org ">34
          alternative services</a> that we host to Degooglise the Internet, time and
          again we have demonstrated our commitment to strong ethics.
        - After more than 15 years of existence, Framasoft’s reputation is well established
          (look us up!). We have already had crowdfundings to finance the development
          of <a href="https://fr.ulule.com/etherpad-framapad/">MyPads</a> and <a href="https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/peertube-a-free-and-federated-video-platform">PeerTube</a>,
          which we have delivered <a href="https://joinpeertube.org/en/news/">beyond
          what was promised</a> (and funded) during those campaigns.
      q: Why don't you offer any rewards?
        - Because the true goal for all of us is the creation of a digital <em>common</em>.
          Indeed, Mobilizon is distributed <a href="https://framagit.org/framasoft/mobilizon/blob/master/LICENSE">under
          a free licence</a>, which means that it belongs to everyone, without anyone
          being able to appropriate it exclusively.
        - The reward or perk system of traditional crowdfunding costs a lot of time,
          money and energy to project leaders. But we are betting that enough people
          will be willing to fund a credible alternative to Facebook events, just
          for the sake of making it available to everyone.
        - Lastly, we don’t want a reward system that discriminates between contributors
          based on their income, because everyone has different means, and everyone
          can participate, according to their means, in the birth of a digital common.
        - 'Thus, any person who contributes to financing Mobilizon will be entitled
          (if they so wish) to:'
        - get their (nick)name added to Mobilizon’s readme file and Joinmobilizon.org’s
          Hall of Fame;
        - receive the Mobilizon newsletter.
      q: Will I get a receipt for my donation?
        - Yes, provided that you tick the appropriate box on the donation form and
          provide us with a mailing address, which is required by law for us to issue
          a donation receipt.
        - Your receipt will be automatically generated in March 2020, and sent to
          the email address you have provided.
        - If you need a receipt before this date, or if you change your email address,
          you can <a href="https://contact.framasoft.org">contact us here</a>.
      q: Will my donation be tax deductible?
        - Only for French taxpayers.
        - Framasoft being an “association of public interest” (under French classification),
          any donation can entitle you to <a href="https://framablog.org/2018/11/22/impots-et-dons-a-framasoft-le-prelevement-a-la-source-en-2019/">a
          66% reduction (FR)</a> on your income taxes.
        - Thus, a “UX interview” donation of €130 would, after deduction, cost French
          taxpayers €44.20.
        - If you do not pay income taxes in France, please check with your country’s
          tax authorities.

News page

  title: What’s new with Mobilizon?
  subtitle: Discover the latest improvements of the tool
  last-post: Latest posts
      title: Already €30,000 worth of donations! Only €5,000 more to reach the second milestone!
        - 'Amazing! We’ve almost reached the second milestone of this fundraising! And that’s thanks to you!!! We really appreciate your encouragements! We hope to reach the 2<sup>nd</sup> milestone of €35 000 very soon. If we succeed, we commit to do everything we can to provide you with a fully federated Mobilizon around fall 2019.'
        - '<i>What does a federated software mean?</i>'
        - 'It’s not easy to explain the principles of federation, but we’re going to try to keep it simple. The main interest of federation is to be decentralized, which means that the power isn’t centralized in the hands of only one person.'
        - 'Contrary to GAFAM’s services, federated services don’t offer a big platform centralizing the whole world’s contents. Big Tech’s platforms concentrate millions of users on their servers. That gives them the dangerous powers to control information and to hoard users’ private data, using it for commercial profit (and who knows what other purposes). The Federation is a network of many small hosting providers connected to each others. When a provider install Mobilizon on his server, they create an instance, like a website where you can sign up, create and publish events.'
        - '<i>Giving power to instances</i>'
        - 'We wish for Mobilizon to ease the instance’s administration. For example, we imagine a tool that will incite server administrators to explain their different choices: terms and conditions, code of conduct, moderation policy, federation policy, audience or subjects they promote, etc.'
        - 'Once set up, each instance can voluntarily decide whether or not to connect with others instances. This choice is based on its own choices, rules and internal policies. We want to include administration tools that give maximum control in the way you ask or agree to federate one instance to another, directly in the v1 release.'
        - '<i>Making life easier for people</i>'
        - 'Let’s imagine that I am registered on my university instance called <i>MobilizeDatCollege</i>. For example, if this instance federates with the <i>EcoMobilized</i> instance, I could find, consult and register for a "Climate Walk" event from my <i>MobilizeDatCollege</i> account even if this event is created on <i>EcoMobilized</i> instance!'
        - 'Federation doesn’t only allow you not to "put all your data in the same basket". It’s also the possibility of creating different doors into the Mobilizon federation, each instance offering its own conditions, identity, culture or interactions policies… Thus, I can pick the instance that corresponds to my expectations, which is always better than a centralized platform with "one-size-fits-all terms and conditions".'
        - '<i>Speaking a common language</i>'
        - 'The ActivityPub protocol (which is the federation protocol chosen for Mobilizon) also allows you to interact with other softwares that speak the same "language". That is how PeerTube (alternative to YouTube) and Mastodon (alternative to Twitter) are linked: it’s possible to "follow" a PeerTube user from Mastodon, or even to comment on a video hosted on a PeerTube instance directly from a Mastodon account.'
        - 'Integrating ActivityPub protocol in Mobilizon allows it to enter the Fediverse (contraction of federation and universe), which provides possibilities of interactions that we can’t imagine now! However this integration requires many hours of development and design…'
        - 'Thanks to your donations and sharing, the good news is that we are very close to being able to afford it! Share and forward this news to inform your family and friends... because we’re counting on you!'
        - <img src="@:data.baseurl/img/@:lang/control-mobilizon.png" alt="" />
      title: 'The first step has been reached: thanks!'
        - Honestly, we couldn’t imagine that we would reach this first step so quickly!
          In less than a week, you already supported the Mobilizon project up to €20,000.
        - This is an important step for us. First, because this money allows us to
          cover the sums already invested in Mobilizon’s conception and design. But,
          most importantly, we now know that we’ll have enough financial resources
          to create a version of Mobilizon, at  the very least a free and basic one.
        - The question we are asking you with this fundraising is "should we create
          this alternative?" Your answer seems to be an enthousiastic "yes" and it
          warms our hearts!
        - However, this is not the time to stop! It is now, as this first step has
          been completed, it is now that we get to the serious part. Mobilizon will
          only make real sense if it becomes a federated free software. And integrating
          ActivityPub protocol represents several hours of coding.
        - Now the ball is in your court, for it is now that we can make the difference
          between a just free/libre project and a decentralized project which will
          offer more autonomy and independence to communities!
        - It’s up to you to spread the word and to convince your communities that
          this project matters.
        - <img src="@:data.baseurl/img/@:lang/change-mobilizon.png" alt="" />
      title: You’ve already made €15,000 worth of donations! Only €5,000 more to reach
        the first milestone!
        - 'Thank you! 2 days after launching our fundraising campaign, we have almost
          reached the 1<sup>st</sup> milestone! We just achieved €15,000 and hope
          to reach the 1<sup>st</sup> milestone of €20,000 during the weekend. Such
          a crazy surge of donations gives us a lot of hope: not only hope of reaching
          the €20,000 milestone, but also hope of reaching our overall goal!'
        - And now, it’s up to you!
        - 'We are a small French non-governmental organisation that knows how to reach
          out to the French FLOSS community. But it is more difficult for us to communicate
          about Mobilizon to a larger audience. We need you to help us reach alternative
          communities (activists, freedom fighters, environmental campaigners, etc.).
          So please go ahead and:'
        - Share the information on your favourite social networks (even those we don’t
          really like!) using <em>#JoinMobilizon</em>!
        - Share the <a href="@:data.link.joinmobilizon">joinmobilizon.org</a>
          website with your activist friends who also want to change the world!
        - Forward this information to the communities you are a part of. You can find
          inspiration and more info in <a href="https://framablog.org/2019/05/14/mobilizon-lets-finance-a-software-to-free-our-events-from-facebook/">our
          blog post</a>!
        - Send the info to every person who dreams of a more ethical and free tool
          to gather, organize and mobilize.
        - 'Our only form of advertisement is the best we know: you!'
        - <img src="@:data.baseurl/img/@:lang/software-to-the-people-mobilizon.png" alt="" />
      title: The levels of Mobilizon crowdfunding
        - We believe in the need to create user-friendly software that allows people
          to organize their events away from Facebook or Meetup (and others).
        - We believe in it so deeply that we have invested time, work and money to
          imagine its design.
        - Since our association is financed only by donations, we set up this crowdfunding
          to ask you how far you want us to take the development of Mobilizon.
        h41: Level 1 - Free & basic version
        - <img src="@:data.baseurl/img/@:lang/01-palier-mobilizon-minimaliste.png" class="img-fluid"
        - This amount will cover our prototype expenses.
        - We will thus recover the sums fronted to design and promote the software,
          pay for the development time of its functionality as well as the work of
          the designers who contributed to its design.
        - The code will be returned to the community in a state that can be taken
          back by anyone.
        h42: Level 2 - Federated version
        - <img src="@:data.baseurl/img/@:lang/02-palier-mobilizon-federe.png" class="img-fluid"
        - 'We will be able to implement an essential protocol to make Mobilizon a
          success: the ActivityPub federation. Thanks to the federation, any community
          will be able to install Mobilizon on its own servers, and connect each instance
          to the rest of the network.'
        - This makes it possible to multiply the number of entry points and decentralise
          the data, and to connect to the fediverse which already includes Mastodon
          (an alternative to Twitter) and PeerTube (an alternative to YouTube).
        - We will also open a demo instance of this beta version, so that everyone
          can go and see for themselves what the software will look like.
        h43: Level 3 - Ideal version
        - <img src="@:data.baseurl/img/@:lang/03-palier-mobilizon-ideal.png" class="img-fluid"
        - This will give us the means to make the Mobilizon of our dreams come true!
        - Thus, Mobilizon will allow the creation of groups, with messaging tools
          and exchange between members. Mobilizon will also make it possible to display,
          organize and manage the external tools that your group already uses to create
          documents together or set the next meeting date, for example.
        - Lastly, each account holder will be able to create several identities, in
          order, for example, to display a different identity for sporting events,
          family reunions and activism marches.
        h44: And beyond – to version 1
        - <img src="@:data.baseurl/img/@:lang/04-palier-mobilizon-version-1.png" class="img-fluid"
        - 'We did the math: with €50,000, we will have the means to make the best
          software we can. If we receive more money, we won’t do more, or faster,
          but we can go further.'
        - In the fall of 2019, we will release a beta version. From then on, with
          the feedback and comments we will receive, we will work toward a first complete
          release, a V1, which we aim to be ready in the first half of 2020.
        - But there’s a lot of work to do until we get there. We dream of setting
          up a mapping server to facilitate the localisation of events, of creating
          a Mobilizon app for smartphones, and much more…

Medias page

Warning : still in French !

  title: Espace médias
    title: Communiqué
    h4a: Mobilizon, un outil libre et fédéré pour sortir nos événements de Facebook !
    - L’association  <a href="@:data.link.soft" target="_blank">Framasoft</a>
      a lancé le mardi 14 mai 2019 une <strong><em>collecte pour le logiciel</em></strong>
      <a href="@:data.link.joinmobilizon" target="_blank"><strong><em>Mobilizon</em></strong></a>.
      Vous trouverez ci-après tous les éléments pour comprendre son contexte et son
    h4b: Pourquoi Mobilizon ?
    - 'Dans le cadre de sa campagne <a href="@:data.link.cuo" target="_blank">Contributopia</a>,
      l’association Framasoft avait annoncé qu’elle lancerait un nouveau service qui
      permettrait à des communautés de créer leurs propres espaces de publication
      d’événements, afin de mieux s’émanciper des géants du web. En effet, lorsque
      l’on organise des regroupements avec les outils Facebook ou via des plateformes
      à la Meetup, on abandonne à ces plateformes dévoreuses de données toutes les
      informations des membres du groupe. Cliquer sur « Je participe »  à un événement
      Facebook pose de nombreux problèmes : cela en dit <a href="https://framablog.org/2019/01/12/les-donnees-que-recolte-google-document-complet/"
      target="_blank">bien plus sur soi qu’on ne l’imagine</a>, donne <a href="https://www.affordance.info/mon_weblog/2018/11/gilets-jaunes-facebook-bleu.html"
      target="_blank">un pouvoir conséquent aux publicitaires qui paient Facebook</a>
      et enferme la communauté de l’événement dans <a href="https://www.ted.com/talks/zeynep_tufekci_how_the_internet_has_made_social_change_easy_to_organize_hard_to_win\"
      target="_blank">un outil qui l’empêchera de s’autogérer</a> et donc de perdurer.
      Sans oublier que les règles d’utilisation de ces plateformes peuvent mener à
      une fermeture, du jour au lendemain, sans aucune justification, d’un groupe
      ou d’une communauté. Et aussi que leur structure centralisée forme un potentiel
      guichet unique pour les agences de renseignements et des pirates mal intentionnés.'
    h4c: Mobilizon, une alternative libre et fédérée
    - Mobilizon sera un <strong><em>logiciel libre respectueux des libertés fondamentales</em></strong>
      des personnes désireuses de se rassembler. Mobilizon sera un <strong><em>commun
      numérique</em></strong>, que tout le monde pourra s’approprier, conçu dans le
      respect de la vie privée et de l’action militante et au service de notre vivre
      ensemble. Mobilizon sera un <strong><em>outil convivial, émancipateur et éthique</em></strong>.
    - 'Afin de proposer le logiciel le plus adapté aux besoins de ses futur⋅es utilisateur⋅ices,
      nous avons pris le temps de nous questionner sur ce à quoi pourrait ressembler
      un outil qui rendrait vraiment le pouvoir aux personnes et aux groupes. Pour
      cela, nous avons passé ces derniers mois à analyser les outils déjà existants
      afin d’en comprendre les différentes fonctionnalités et nous à interroger sur
      comment nous pourrions les déployer en respectant les utilisateur⋅ices. Il nous
      a aussi semblé essentiel d’étudier les pratiques numériques des militant·es
      afin de comprendre leurs besoins pour se rassembler, s’organiser et se mobiliser.
      C’est pour cela que nous avons fait appel à deux designers : <a href="http://mcpaccard.com/"
      target="_blank">Marie-Cécile Godwin Paccard</a> et <a href="https://designandhuman.com/"
      target="_blank">Geoffrey Dorne</a>.'
    - De plus, nous souhaitons que ce logiciel soit <strong><em>fédéré</em></strong>
      afin de permettre aux différentes communautés d’installer leur propre <strong><em>instance</em></strong>
      (site web de publication d’événements). Les instances Mobilizon auront la possibilité
      technique de se connecter les unes avec les autres et ainsi de favoriser les
      interactions entre les communautés et leurs utilisateur⋅ices. Le protocole de
      fédération ActivityPub permettant l’interaction entre logiciels utilisant ce
      même protocole, Mobilizon pourra ainsi être en lien avec Mastodon (alternative
      à Twitter), PeerTube (alternative à YouTube) et bien d’autres outils similaires.
    h4d: Mobilizon, la collecte
    - Framasoft a déjà investi du temps, du travail et de l’argent pour imaginer la
      conception de Mobilizon. Et comme notre association n’est financée que par les
      dons, nous organisons cette collecte pour pouvoir continuer à investir dans
      le développement de ce logiciel. Nous avons fait le choix d’organiser cette
      collecte sur notre propre plateforme afin de réduire au minimum les frais bancaires
      et administratifs. Notre but est ainsi de proposer un nouveau modèle de financement
      des communs numériques.
    - 'Lancée le mardi 14 mai 2019, la collecte Mobilizon s’organise autour de 3 paliers
      à atteindre d’ici le 10 juillet :'
    h5a: 'Palier 1 : 20 000 € - Version libre & basique'
    - 'Cette somme permettra à Framasoft de rembourser les sommes avancées pour concevoir
      et promouvoir Mobilizon. À savoir : le benchmark sur les fonctionnalités, le
      travail des designers sur les usages et les interfaces, et le travail de développement
      des fonctionnalités de base sur la création d’évènements. Le code source du
      logiciel sera mis à disposition de la communauté.'
    - → Ce 1er palier a été atteint en moins de 5 jours.
    h5b: 'Palier 2 : 35 000 € - Version fédérée'
    - Ces 15 000 € supplémentaires serviront à financer l’intégration du protocole
      de fédération ActivityPub, ainsi que le développement d’outils d’administration
      pour les instances. Que Mobilizon soit fédéré est important pour permettre à
      un⋅e même utilisateur⋅ice de se connecter à plusieurs communautés et de lier
      son compte Mobilizon aux autres logiciels de la fédération.
    h5c: 'Palier 3 : 50 000 € - Version idéale'
    - 'Si nous atteignons les 50 000 € de collecte, nous pourrons nous impliquer plus
      loin dans la conception et le développement de fonctionnalités. Ainsi, nous
      aimerions que Mobilizon permette la création de groupes, lesquels intégreraient
      des outils de messagerie et d’échange entre leurs membres. Autre fonctionnalité
      qui nous semble nécessaire : la possibilité d’intégrer des outils externes que
      les membres de la communauté utilisent déjà (outils de sondage, de prise de
      décision,  outils collaboratifs, etc.). Enfin, nous comptons intégrer la possibilité
      pour l’utilisateur⋅ice de gérer plusieurs identités en fonction des communautés
      auxquelles ielle participe.'
    - 'Nous avons fait nos calculs : avec 50 000 €, nous aurons les moyens de réaliser
      le meilleur logiciel qu’il nous est possible de faire d’ici l’automne 2019.
      Nous sortirons alors une version bêta du logiciel construite sur une base solide
      qui permettra ensuite de proposer davantage de fonctionnalités. Si nous recevons
      plus d’argent, nous pourrons alors envisager d’aller au-delà de cette version
      bêta. Les retours et remarques que nous recevrons sur la version bêta alors
      nous permettront d’améliorer Mobilizon afin de proposer une première version
      aboutie au premier semestre 2020. Produire Mobilizon, ce n’est donc pas un sprint,
      ou l’on promet tout, tout de suite, à tout le monde. C’est plus une course de
      fond, où la première étape est de développer un outil qui permettra de créer
      des événements et de le faire bien.'
    - Si le succès de cette collecte dépend de chacun⋅e d’entre nous, Framasoft s’engage
      à diffuser les avancées de Mobilizon à chaque nouvelle étape franchie, sur <a
      href="@:data.link.joinmobilizon/news/" target="_blank">la page Actus</a>
      et sur <a href="https://framalistes.org/sympa/info/mobilizon-newsletter" target="_blank">la
      newsletter dédiée</a>.
    h4e: Framasoft
    - <a href="https://framasoft.org/" target="_blank">Framasoft</a> est une association
      à but non lucratif créée en 2004, qui se consacre à l’éducation populaire aux
      enjeux du numérique. Cette petite association (moins de 40 membres, dont 9 salarié·es)
      est connue pour avoir initié dès 2014 le projet <a href="https://degooglisons-internet.org/"
      target="_blank">Dégooglisons Internet</a> qui propose 34 outils en ligne éthiques
      et alternatifs à ceux des géants du web. Depuis 2017, Framasoft porte le logiciel
      <a href="https://joinpeertube.org/" target="_blank">PeerTube</a>, une alternative
      libre et fédérée à YouTube. Reconnue d’intérêt général, l’association est financée
      à plus de 90 % par les dons des internautes (déductibles des impôts pour les
      contribuables français·es).
    h4f: Nous contacter
    - Vous souhaiter avoir davantage d’informations sur la collecte Mobilizon ou réaliser
      une interview ? N’hésitez pas à nous contacter via medias@framasoft.org
    - 'Visuels disponibles sous : <a href="@:data.link.joinmobilizon/medias">@:data.link.joinmobilizon/medias</a>'
    h4g: Relayer notre collecte sur vos médias sociaux
    - à partir du lundi 27 mai 2019
    - <strong>Partagez l’URL de notre site de collecte :</strong>
      <a href="@:data.link.joinmobilizon">@:data.link.joinmobilizon</a>
    - <strong>2 propositions  de textes pour  accompagner ce lien :</strong>
    - 'Une alternative libre et fédérée pour organiser nos événements
      ailleurs que sur Facebook, Meetup et les autres ???<br>#Mobilizon, le nouveau projet
      de l’association #Framasoft a besoin de vous !!!'
    - 'Un logiciel libre permettant aux communautés de créer leurs propres espaces
      de publication d’événements afin de mieux s’émanciper des géants du web ???<br>
      #Mobilizon, le nouveau projet de l’association #Framasoft a besoin de vous !!!'
    - '<strong>Idées de hashtags pour accompagner vos posts :</strong><br>#Mobilizon
      #JoinMobilizon #Framasoft #BienCommun #Collecte #FundRaising'
    title: Visuels
    title: Maquettes
    title: Revue de presse
    intro: Voici quelques extraits de notre <a href="https://wiki.framasoft.org/speakabout">revue
      de presse</a>.
    th1: Date
    th2: Média
    th3: Liens
    lArticle: Lien vers l’article
    lPaywall: Lien vers l’article (abonnés)
    lSummary: Lien vers le sommaire du numéro
    lPodcast: Lien vers le podcast
    lListen: Lien vers la page d’écoute
    title: Infos pratiques
    - <a href="https://contact.framasoft.org/#questions">Nous contacter</a> (le formulaire
      renvoie direcement à notre service presse).
    - <a href="https://framalistes.org/sympa/info/mobilizon-newsletter">Page d’abonnement à la lettre d’informations</a>.
    - <a href="https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Framasoft">Page wikipédia</a> consacrée
      à Framasoft.
    - <a href="https://soutenir.framasoft.org/association">Présentation complète</a>
      de Framasoft.
    - <a href="https://wiki.framasoft.org/speakabout">Revue de presse</a> (et de web)
      de Framasoft.
    - Framasoft est un réseau d’éducation populaire, issu du monde éducatif, se consacrant
      à promouvoir et diffuser le logiciel et la culture libre.
    - 'Trait d’union entre le monde du Libre et le grand public, l’association propose
      une galaxie de projets (annuaire de logiciels, maison d’édition, moteur de recherche,
      etc.) rassemblés en 3 axes : logiciels libres, culture libre et services libres.'

Please be aware a Framalang team started to work on a spanish translation on this pad. We are trying to see how to integrate their work.