How to use Wasabi?


I did not see anyone has written plugin to connect with Wasabi storage.

And I see this post mentions a instruction: admin remote storage doesn’t exit any more. Can anyone please share how can I connect my peertube site with Wasabi?


Check Remote storage (S3) | PeerTube documentation

Thanks for your reply.

I have used the following configuration, but it doesn’t seem to work:

  enabled: true

  # Without protocol, will default to HTTPS
  endpoint: '' # '' or '>
  region: 'ap-southeast-1'

    # Set this ACL on each uploaded object of public/unlisted videos
    # Use null if your S3 provider does not support object ACL
    public: 'public-read'
    # Set this ACL on each uploaded object of private/internal videos
    # PeerTube can proxify requests to private objects so your users can access them
    # Use null if your S3 provider does not support object ACL
    private: 'null' # 'private'

    # If private files (private/internal video files) have a private ACL, users can't >
    # PeerTube can proxify requests between your object storage service and your users
    # If you disable PeerTube proxy, ensure you use your own proxy that is able to acc>
    # Or you can also set a public ACL for private files in object storage if you don'>
    proxify_private_files: true

    # You can also use AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID env variable
    access_key_id: 'wasabi_access_key_id'
    # You can also use AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY env variable
    secret_access_key: 'wasabi_access_key_id'

  # Maximum amount to upload in one request to object storage
  max_upload_part: 500MB

    bucket_name: 'bucketname1'

    # Allows setting all buckets to the same value but with a different prefix
    prefix: '' # Example: 'streaming-playlists:'

    # Base url for object URL generation, scheme and host will be replaced by this URL
    # Useful when you want to use a CDN/external proxy
    base_url: '' # Example: 'https://>

  # Same settings but for webtorrent videos
    bucket_name: 'bucketname1'
    prefix: ''
    base_url: ''

With the above configuration, after upload a few videos, I cannot see any new files in the wasabi folders. The video can be uploaded to local storage.

Besides the config in the yaml files. Do I need to do anything else?

Is the above configuration correct?

It says on this link:

The bucket you configure should be public and have CORS rules to allow traffic from anywhere.

I believe I have set the bucket to be public.

In terms of the CORS rules:

On wasabi website:

Different from AWS, Wasabi returns the settings that will allow the browser full access to Wasabi. Hence, Wasabi does not support the AWS functions that allow a PUT and GET on a bucket with the “cors” parameter in the URL. Note that allowing browser full access to data does not affect the security of access to any objects and all access policies will still be enforced.

If I understand correctly, I don’t think I need to set CORS rules, if « Wasabi returns the settings that will allow the browser full access to Wasabi », right?

My videos are not live streaming videos, and there are all uploaded from my laptop. I don’t think I need to enable replay. And by the way, I cannot find any mention of where to look for editing the replay setting on peertube documentation.

Live videos are still stored on the disk. If replay is enabled, they will be moved in the object storage after transcoding.