Impossible to configure peertube-plugin-livechat plugin

I have installed the ejabberd XMPP server but it is impossible to configure the live chat.

It would be very important if someone could post a complete tutorial on how to connect for example ejabberd to livechat.

I’ve been more than 20 hours in total with 1000 tests and it’s impossible.

I think a lot of people have the same problem

thank you very much.

Please voice your issue at

You can open an issue on the repo linked by rigelk, or you can ask for help on this xmpp room :

I don’t know ejabberd. I can’t help you with ejabberd config, only for the plugin’s config.

For the record, i will write a tutorial next week to setup the plugin with Prosody XMPP server.

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thank you very much.
I am very grateful to you

I couldn’t configure either

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