PeerTube packaging

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks @Chocobozzz for the hard work!

I read about the production guide on GitHub, but didn’t find any Debian package.

Would you be interested in anyone packaging PeerTube for Debian, or is it too early to ship it to production?

Hi @thib

I maintain an unofficial Debian package for peertube. I haven’t had any feedback so far, but it works on my end. If you get any issue with it, it should be quite straighforward to fix.

The source to my package is available on

EDIT: the package no longer exists

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I’ll try it out!

kinda offtopis, but do you know a Mastodon deb package aswell?

No, but as far as I’ve understood they have a very straightforward and well-though docker image, so you should probably consider running it that way.

I already have a mastodon instance, but it would be nice if there was a .deb package too :slight_smile:
I am not using docker


I will give here my opinion about packages for WebApp like Peertube (NodeJS), Mastodon or Diaspora (NodeJS, Ruby on Rails) or PHP applications like Nextcloud or Gnu.Social…

If it makes it easy to install server software, it’s not necessarily a good idea. What happens the day the package maintainer throws in the towel because managing dependencies becomes too complicated?
What to do in case of dependency conflicts between several applications on the same server?

It happened to me recently with Mastodon on FreeBSD. Finally starting from scratch, by installing the NodeJS dependencies at the application level and not the system (as I had done for Peertube Alpha) was much more training and allowed me to understand how to install Diaspora* !

Generally what is most complicated is what concerns the system administration: configuration of the web proxy server, configuration of the database, etc… And all this cannot be done with a package manager.

Peertube’s documentation is really well done: clear, precise, concise. I think it’s enough and it doesn’t necessarily require a package.

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Juste for the record: it can be done with a good package. Like for the package phpmyadmin in Debian: it can setup the database and provides a configuration file for Apache (maybe nginx too?) that you just have to link in /etc/apache2/conf-enabled.
But creating such a package requires advanced knowledge of Debian tools, it’s not easy.

As PeerTube has a really good documentation and has an upgrade script that makes upgrades feel like a breeze, I would recommend the source installation instead of a community package. It allows to not depend on the package maintainer, and to be more reactive if a security version need to be deployed (package maintainers takes vacations too, for ex.). (warning: my opinion is kind of biased since I’m an old-fashioned sys-admin)

That being said, @rigelk is heavily in PT, so I think his packaging will be well maintained.

I try to install peertube on yunohost and it works well

you need debian stretch and install yunohost first

Would be awesome to have this in an .iso format with configuration prompts along the way