Using peertube oembed in moodle

Hi All,
I’m new here. I’m rolling out a peertube installation for a school. Peertube works fine!
I’m trying to make an integration with Moodle, following the documentation I’ve found on PeerTube documentation. I 've found that the Moodle oembed plugin with the peertube scheme should make it possible to embed the video the Moodle way, linking to the share URL similar as YT

It doesn’t unfortunately.

I added extra peertube urls to scheme to end up with

{« schemes »: [
« peertubeurl/videos/watch/",
« peertubeurel/* »,
« url »: « peertubeurl/services/oembed »,
« discovery »: true
The video player appears, but no preview, no video.

Is there anyone here that got this to work and wants to share the magic?

Kind regards

PS: sorry I can’t post my exact code. As a new user, my post van only contain 2 urls, I understand 100% why.